3 Powerful Tips to Make SEO Simple Right Now

SEO is the second most important thing you need to master in order to succeed as a blogger or ecommerce store owner. For a beginner, SEO is quite overwhelming. You have to keep posting content with different types of keywords and have to create backlinks. How to use keywords? What are backlinks? How can I increase my rankings? Where to post backlinks? These are some of the most frequently asked questions by SEO beginners and learners.


What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. It is the method of increasing your search engine ranking with the help of different optimization techniques. SEO is quite complex but you can make it simple if you apply three powerful tips.

What are the three powerful tips to make SEO easy to fathom

You can apply these 3 tips right now and you will see the results instantly:

  • Use longtail keywords. Instead of using keyword like ‘cars’ use a keyword like ‘used cars dealer in jakarta’. Such keywords are called longtail keywords and they will increase your rankings instantly.
  • Focus on content. Content is the king. If you focus on creating valuable easy-to-read content, your rankings would improve.
  • You can create backlinks from websites like Quora or Reddit. Answer people’s queries and leave a link in your reply if they want to learn more about the topic. You will be surprised to see that it may not give your thousands of visitors but may give you hundreds of visitors.

Take help from an SEO expert

It is always the best idea to take help from an expert if you are just starting out. You will be able to learn everything faster and without doing any mistakes. Just search for professional seo services[jasa seo professional, which is the term in Indonesian] on Google and you will find a lot of experts providing their services. Go with the one you think is best for your business.